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Exception Based Reporting - Where Next?

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group


The interrogation of EPOS data, and the search for unusual incidents, has been a cornerstone of loss prevention programmes for decades, with retailers either buying from external providers such as Apriss, Intelliq, etc, or building their own in-house solution. However, the adoption of, and the use of EBR has been very different, as illustrated recently on one recent working group meeting where there was one analyst for every 100 stores building cases, while at another, there was one analyst for every 4,000 stores. This session will explore how retailers are using EBR, and the work flow that delivers them a positive return on investment, and will then explore how they are evolving their EBR capabilities in the context of the changing retail context, with the growth of e-commerce and self checkout.

This working group meeting is only open to retailers, CPG's and academics.




Date and Time
September 14th - 3pm UK Time

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