ECR Retail Loss [Virtual] First Dates

Food Waste

Food Waste


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

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ECR Retail Loss [Virtual] First Dates

Date and Time

June 23rd - 1pm BST



23 Jun 1:00 PM

The ECR Food Waste and Markdown working group is made up of the leaders of food waste reduction at over 60 retailer organisations from around the world. In this session, we asked each participant to share their top three actions to reduce food waste.

What the group were able to hear about were initiatives to use machine learning to predict which items to check for expiry date, to make better in-store forecasts and to correct wrong inventory records. We heard about black soldier fly farms, we heard about re-purposing single bananas into products that could be sold in store. We heard about a new initiative to engage store associates "hearts and minds" in the company sustainability programme that included food waste, and much more. In fact, we learnt so much, we will continue our world tour at our next meeting on July 21st. Click to register for this session.

This meeting and the next session will not be recorded.


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