E-Commerce Loss Case Study

by M. Mouthaan, Bol.com, J. Fonteijn, Aholddelhaize

E-Commerce Loss Case Study

Losses from e-commerce fulfilment centres is a growing concern for loss prevention leaders and the business, where the urgency is heightened by the fact that any losses in FC’s, will be relatively a larger percentage of profits due to the lower profit margins from an ecommerce sale. In this session, the group will be presented with an outline of, and the data from two “live” case studies, with additional context provided, this will then kick off an interactive discussion on the case itself and as critically, the new skills, knowledge and approaches that loss prevention leaders need to bring to the table to be value added partners on the growing e-commerce business.

The discussion will focus on how you are as a loss prevention leader in the retail loss problems and operational challenges of e-commerce? What have been the new skills, knowledge, approaches and technologies required of you and your team to deliver an effective response to the problem? What were your ideas and takeaways from the real-world case study? What, if any, could be some immediate next steps you would implement in your organisation as a result of this discussion?

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Date and Time

October 8th - 3.00pm BST