Central Video Command Centres

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester

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Central Video Command Centres

Date and Time

December 8th - 2pm GMT



8 Dec 2:00 PM

The ECR report on video highlighted the opportunity for and use of remote monitoring and central hubs. In this month's discussion, leaders from Walmart USA and Boots shared the nature, scale and the business case for their 24/7 central video systems, describing the current design, the scope, the standard operating procedures, people and technology choices, and how they view their central capability evolving from what is often just a “used by loss prevention and security only” resource to becoming a business tool used by all parts of the organisation

If you would like to apply for a recording of this session, please click the application button below. You may also want to hear recordings from previous sessions from this monthly series, that have have included sessions on the the role of the video tsar, the use of video in fuel stations and how to re-imagine video as a deterrent.

The next sessions will discuss the use of retail video analytics and the use of video analytics to manage self-checkouts. Click to go to these sessions and to register. Each session will start with a retailer presentation and be followed by a group discussion.


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