Cases On A Plate - The Power of EPOS Data and Video Integration

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Jonathan Morgan, Tesco

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Cases On A Plate - The Power of EPOS Data and Video Integration

Date and Time

July 14th - 2pm BST



14 Jul 2:00 PM

In the beginning there was EPOS based exception analysis, this data driven approach now adopted by many retailers looked for strange activity in EPOS data, for example, how many refunds over €200 were processed after the store had closed? Or at the EPOS machine itself, which till operator has the highest rate of voids?

Where there was a level of concern at the operator level, an investigation would be initiated, if the video was available, that could be recalled but where not, an interview with the till operator would be conducted in person to better understand the reasons that triggered the exception alert, why were returns processed after hours or why the operator was relatively putting through so many voids?

And then there was video integration, where the hard work of matching the EPOS data exception alert to the video evidence was automated, serving up "on a plate" to either the Investigator or a Store Manager, the exception alerts that could in turn set up an interview with the employee.

In this session, Tesco and one other retailer will share how they have been able to leverage this integration to generate value for their respective businesses. The group will then review their presentation and discuss their respective approaches to EPOS data and Video integration.

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