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Machine learning to Sell More and Waste Less

by Ramesh Reddy, CIO, Fresh Thyme Farmers Market


In an earlier meeting this year, the working group heard from Franprix on the benefits of centralising the store ordering process using multiple data inputs and centrally agreed targets on OSA and Waste, and dynamic assortment planning to cut the items that create high food waste. In this session, we will hear from Fresh Thyme who have recently introduced a new machine learning store ordering system, and the benefits this has delivered to their sales and waste performances.

In the group discussion that follows, retailers will share their latest learnings on the best practices for ordering, central or local, and if both, what categories are advantaged by local Vs central ordering.

This session is part of the two day working group meeting [Virtual background setting = Lyon] - the sessions are for retailers, producers and academics only. To register for this session or any of the others in this two day meeting or the rest of the year, click to register

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Date and Time
Weds May 19th - 1.30pm BST

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