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Death of Plastic - Implications for Retail Loss Prevention

by Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group


Consumers are increasingly demanding that retailers and branded goods manufacturers reduce their use of plastic packaging, and yet the use of plastic in the packaging of fresh, health & beauty, electronics and home improvement has been a cornerstone of efforts to prevent retail losses, for example, the use of plastic on cucumbers extends their shelf life by 18 days, or in the case of health & beauty and electronics, plastic packaging has helped reduce damages, contents theft, made items harder to steal and enabled stronger forms of theft prevention such as anti-theft pegs. This working group meeting will kick start with one hot product manufacturer sharing their vision for new sustainable packaging that will see them move away from plastic, with the session and working group discussion exploring the implications for product protection and the need for new responses to managing losses hot products in a retail context where there will be less plastic.




Date and Time
Oct 6th - 3pm UK Time

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