Highlights: 2024 SCO Innovation Summit

ECR Retail Loss has been researching and promoting collaboration on self-checkouts for over a decade. Over 70 retailers were able to participate in our annual in person meeting, hosted by Carrefour, with an agenda that included store visits, speed dating with innovators, deep dive retailer case studies on technology, design and people and an informal network evening.

We asked participants why they think retailers should attend this annual meeting.

  • "Its instrumental to attend these in person meetings. Our TEAMs meetings are great but its so much more engaging in person. Ideas flow so much better, you get real conversation and debate and you can ask follow up questions to understand where they are coming from
  • "The ECR SCO Innovation Summit Is a fantastic meeting for any retailer who is currently looking or already has SCO operations within their business. The Summit connects various retailers together to discuss the operational challenges and successes that each individual business has faced and created an environment for collaboration and problem solving. The industry insight and approaches shared through these forums are invaluable when it comes to formulating a strategy for success in this space"
  • "The ECR SCO meeting is such a valuable space for retailers to come together to discuss current SCO challenges and SCO solutions. The networking opportunities at this meeting often lead to respected connections and partnerships that can benefit your business both short term and long term. ECR creates a jam packed agenda with thought provoking sessions and SCO/mobile scan & go innovations that appeals to both small and large scale retailers"
  • "Its a rare and fantastic chance to gather with others who share a passion and interest in the world of self checkouts and learn from each others experiences"
  • "I’ve rarely seen an event with such high collaboration to understand, learn and innovate. Meeting other professionals who were working with SCO offered great insights for future developments and areas of opportunities. As for the event, thanks a lot for this incredible opportunity to exchange and learn from other retailers. Definitely working to make this a yearly thing!"
  • "As retailers continually enhance their self-checkout offerings, the opportunity to collaborate with other retailers that are at various stages of this journey was invaluable. Our team found it to be a worthwhile investment, gaining valuable takeaways for our business"

Below is an interview with Professor Adrian Beck who shares his key takeaways from the meeting.

2025 SCO Innovation Summit

Register your intention to join us in 2025. Location to be confirmed.


Jun 30, 2024