Retailers Food Surplus Exit Research - Pre-Launch Meeting

Food Waste

Food Waste


Professor Arzum Akkas

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Retailers Food Surplus Exit Research - Pre-Launch Meeting

Date and Time

Jan 18th - 3pm UK



18 Jan 4:00 PM

Based on retailer interviews, focus group discussions and field visits, this new research will shine a new light on how retailers around the world manage food surplus in retail stores from discounting to donations to repurposing.

In this pre-launch meeting, expect to learn not only about current practices, and the very different approaches, but also what future innovations retailers are looking to trial and implement.

Importantly, this meeting will share a new maturity model and seek at this meeting comments on the relevance of this maturity model to retailers and how retailers believe it could instruct their business and inform internal discussions on managing food surplus and waste.

This meeting is for retailers, producers and academics only.