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ClearSale integrates with major e-commerce platforms, using AI to monitor real-time shopper behaviour for fraud patterns, minimising chargebacks and false positives.


ClearSale offers API integrations and plugins with all major e-commerce platforms to monitor shopper behaviour in real-time. When shoppers arrive at a merchant’s store, the platform monitors how they use the site to look for browsing patterns known to be fraudulent (such as going straight for high cost items and then immediately to check out). This information is combined with external data sources before being analysed by artificial intelligence algorithms to determine if the order is fraudulent. If the AI determines the order may be fraud, it is sent to a team of human manual review experts to confirm the findings of the software. In some cases, these experts will even reach out to the shopper using their contact information to confirm or deny if they are fraudsters. This system allows ClearSale to keep chargebacks down while also avoiding high instances of false positive declines.

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