What value can RFID offer retailers?

The same research was also able to quantify some of the value that the participating retailers were prepared to share:

Increase in Sales: Seven of the 10 case studies shared data showing a sales improvement in the range of 1.5% to 5.5%. For SKUs identified by RFID systems as being out of stock, the growth was even higher. Based upon this data, the 10 companies taking part in the study may have realised an RFID-driven sales uplift of between €1.4 and €5.2 billion.

Improved Inventory Accuracy: Companies typically had an improvement from 65%-75% to 93%-99%.

Stock Availability: Some of the companies taking part were now findings SKU availability in the high 90% region.

Reduced Stock Holding: One-half of the case-study companies shared data on this measure, indicating a stock reduction of between 2% and 13%.

Lower Stock Loss: One company suggested that their shrinkage losses had been reduced by 15%.

Reduced Staff Costs: One company had measured a saving equivalent to 4% of their store staffing costs, which if rolled out across the case-study companies would be in the region of €378 million.

Return on Investment: All 10 companies were unequivocal in their assertion that the ROI had been achieved, and based upon their trial experiences, further roll out across the business was fully justified and embraced by the rest of the business, often with considerable enthusiasm and optimism.