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Use of Video in Distribution and Fulfilment Centres

by David Oliver, Morrisons


Traditionally, when the industry thinks about the use of video in retail, the thoughts turn to retail stores, and the use cases that Professor Adrian Beck describes in the ECR report. However, with the growth of online retailing the attention is now turning to the risk of retail loss in this form of retailing, and how video might be used in the distribution and fulfilment centres that manage the outgoing of goods, and of course, the high level of goods coming back as returns. Two retailers will take us through how they are using video to manage the risks present at these sites, including the use of facial recognition for access control. The group will then discuss the findings, insights and any future ideas for exploration.

This working group meeting for retailers, CPG's and academics only and is one of our monthly series. If you would like to register for this session or future sessions please register.




Date and Time
Wednesday May 12th 2pm BST

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