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True Cost of Food Waste - A new costing model

by Professor Lisa Jack, University of Portsmouth


As one of the participants in the group shared, at a recent meeting on food waste, and the goal of zero waste, someone remarked to the CEO, "do you know that you can really afford zero waste - do you know what it will cost to get to the target?"

To answer the question, ECR have commissioned research into the true cost of Food Waste with Professor Lisa Jack of the University of Portsmouth, and building on her research with the group on the true cost of returns from online sales, and based on inputs from case study retailers, she will introduce to the group a new costing model that aims to put a cost to the vast array of activities associated with managing the exit of surplus food.

The group will discuss the model, and their own experiences at trying to put a cost to the true cost of food waste.

This session is part of the two day working group meeting [Virtual background setting = Lyon] - the sessions are for retailers, producers and academics only. To register for this session or any of the others in this two day meeting or the rest of the year, click to register

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Date and Time
Wednesday May 19th - 3pm BST

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