Remote Monitoring Updates

Video In Retail

Video In Retail


Colin Peacock, ECR Retail Loss Group

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Remote Monitoring Updates

Date and Time

Sept 21st - 1pm UK Time



21 Sep 1:00 PM

When retailers can remotely monitor their locations, huge value can be unlocked, from the ability to share video with others such as law enforcement, to the tracking persons of interest across multiple locations, to support lone workers, to investigate POS fraud, to improve productivity, and the list keeps growing. To help enable these remote monitoring use cases, many retailers have invested in physical locations, where a team of dedicated experts can undertake routine tasks and be on call to respond to incidents in real time. These locations are often referred to as Security Operations Centres (SOCs) or Hubs.

In this working group meeting, participating retailers will share updates of their remote monitoring capabilities, their journey to date, and their forward thinking plans.

This working group is for retailers, CPG's and academics only.


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