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Push Outs - The Role and Business Case for Technology

by Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester


The adoption in modern retail stores, especially grocery, of multiple, wide and open entrance and exit points creates the opportunity for non-paying customers to simply walk out of the store with a basket, cart or trolley of goods they have not paid for. In response to this threat, new trolley based technologies have been developed and deployed by retailers.

To understand the impact of these trolley based technologies, Professor Beck gathered data from two retailer trials and reviewed over 200 push out incidents. In this session, he will share the results from the trials, the insights from the push out incidents and how these can combine to produce a business case. In the group discussion, retailers will share their latest data and thinking on how to reduce the push out problem.

This session is one of the many working group meetings of the year. These sessions are for retailers, CPG's and academics only. If you would like to register for this session or any of the others please register.




Date and Time
March 25th - 1.30pm GMT

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