Leading Loss Prevention

by Mark Gabriel, Head of Loss Prevention and Security, Sainsburys

Leading Loss Prevention

There is much debate in the industry around the selection of the leader accountable for retail loss, and the adjacency responsibilities that you attach to this role, such as customer service, safety, business continuity, security, fraud, etc. In this session we will hear from Mark Gabriel, head of loss prevention at Sainsbury’s. Mark came to this role with no direct experience of managing retail loss but with a 20+ years of experience in the business. In the session, he will share his learnings, insights and successes from his first 300 days in the role and will provide his insights on the debate as to whether the head of LP is a role for a specialist or generalist.

The group discussion will focus on your organisation, and what has been your typical approaches to appointing the head of loss prevention? Has the company looked for a leader with deep experience in loss prevention, security and audit or have they filled the role with senior leaders from other parts of the business? How should organisations think about the positives and negatives of both approaches?

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Date and Time

October 8th - 4.30pm BST