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Assessing the Role of Cloud Computing in your Businesses’ Video Technology Strategy

by Professor Adrian Beck, University of Leicester


As both video technologies and the means to connect them continue to evolve and develop, retailers increasingly have a range of options available as to where and how both analytics are performed, and video data is stored and accessed. Ranging from ‘edge’ analytics through to distributed and centralised servers, and increasingly on to Cloud-based options, retailers now have an increasingly complex array of options available and decisions to make about developments in their video technology platform. This session will focus firstly upon exploring the different options and what their benefits and limitations are in terms of performance and practicability. This will then be followed by a retail case study focussed upon the context and business case for utilising a Cloud-based approach. Attendees will then have the opportunity to discuss in detail their experiences and thoughts on this increasingly important topic.




Date and Time
Oct 13th - 2pm UK Time

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