On Shelf Availability Innovation Challenge

by Colin Peacock

Dec 17, 2021

Top Ten OSA Innovators

On December 9th, 160+ retailers and CPG's heard pitches from the top ten finalists in the ECR OSA Innovation Challenge short-listed by judges from Tesco, L'Oreal, P&G, Duracell, Diageo, Carrefour, Sainsburys, Albert Heijn and Kroger from a long list of over 200 innovators,

You can click here to view the full recording or you can click on the separate links per innovator below.

Trax Retail Harnessing the power of digital technologies for brands, retailer and shoppers. Click for pitch.

Retail Insight  Optimising your operations with software analytics for retail and CPG businesses. Click for pitch.

Neurolabs  Using the power of synthetic data to democratise computer vision. Click for pitch.

IMCo  Selling more and losing less through open merchandising, out of stock recognition, theft detection and in-store analytics.
Click for pitch

Cognizance  Cognizance is a retail analytics platform, delivering real-time, actionable insights across the retail chain. Click for pitch

Tally ShelfCombining state of the art sensing and communications technologies to analyse product on shelf availability. Click for pitch.

Rapitag  Securing mobile checkout on retail floors & new omnichannel shopping experiences. Click for pitch.

VisperaImage recognition & analytics solutions for retailers & FMCG brands. Click for pitch.

TechShelf  Solving your out-of-stock problems by notifying your employees before those problems happen. Click for pitch

Belive.ai  Improving retailers' core processes with image recognition AI. Click for pitch