ECR Working Group Meetings - February Through To April 2021

by Colin Peacock

Total Retail Loss

Invitation to Participate in Feb to April Working Group Meetings

Each of the five working groups have got off to a cracking start this year with some really excellent group discussions on Direct To Store Vendor Delivery Processes, Store Associate Engagement, Prompted Expiry Date Checking, Use of Video Analytics, Self Checkout Spot Checks, Use of Scan Avoidance and Video at Self Checkouts and two meetings of the new ecommerce working group with opening talks from Amazon and Dyson.

Each group has excellent participation rates, with 60+ retail organisations represented and many sessions with 100+ attendees. They are open to any retailer or branded goods manufacturer / producer and there is no cost to participate. In the words of one retailer CEO, "the knowledge and sharing generated by this group would, in the hands of consultants, be worth billions, but it is free to the industry when we engage, collaborate and share data"

Please click on each link to learn more about each session

Retail Loss Group:

Weds 24th March at 12pm GMT - Improving Inventory Records to Sell More

Weds 24th March at 1.30pm GMT - EAS - Where Next  

Weds 24th March at 3pm GMT - New ways to prevent internal theft

Thurs 25th March at 12pm GMT - Transforming Incident Reporting

Thurs 25th March at 1.30pm GMT -   Using Data to Reduce Retail Losses

Thurs 25th March at 3.00pm GMT - Reducing Push Outs in Retail Stores

Tues 20th April at 2.00pm GMT - Leading Loss Prevention

Food Waste & Markdown Group

Weds 24th Feb at 2pm GMT - Banana's - sell more, and waste less

Weds 17th March at 2pm GMT - Forecast Better - Sell More and Waste Less

Weds 21st April at 2pm GMT -  Reducing Food Waste in FC's and Dark Stores

Video in Retail Group

Weds 10th March at 2pm GMT - Improving Store Compliance and Out of Stocks with Video

Weds 14th April at 2pm GMT - Inter-organisation Collaboration through Video Technologies

e-commerce Loss Group

Tues 9th March at 12pm GMT - Managing losses and returns in ecommerce

Thurs 15th April at 2pm GMT - Innovating to reduce online returns and reduce loss

Self-Checkout Group

Thurs 1st April at 2pm GMT -  Self-Checkouts - About Collaboration 

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