Loss Prevention - Going Digital. In Person Meeting - October 18th & 19th

by Colin Peacock

Jan 27, 2023

Loss Prevention Going Digital - In Person Meeting Agenda


Over time, the work of those in loss prevention has evolved from merely being regarded as thief catchers to now being viewed as essential business partners, often helping their organisations effectively implement and manage key changes, such as the introduction of self-checkout, ensuring that business profitability remains protected.

However, and despite the considerable growth of e-commerce, many loss prevention leaders claim not to be that heavily involved in the management of what are believed to be considerable and growing losses associated with this type of retailing: from the payment [or not] of goods, despatch problems, goods lost in transit, through to the exit of returned products that cannot be re-sold.  

In October 2023, ECR Retail Loss will host a unique in-person meeting, bringing together senior leaders from loss prevention teams representing retailers from around the world, to explore the changing nature of loss prevention and its future role in the management and control of e-commerce.

Delegates, via site visits, case studies, an innovation showcase, and brainstorming sessions, will have the opportunity to develop a more detailed and comprehensive overview as to how they can shape and invest in digital loss prevention capabilities. In addition, there will also be plenty of time for informal catch ups, including an evening networking event.

Meeting Objectives

Ultimately, the purpose of the meeting is to give delegates clear and actionable outcomes from attending, including:

1)      Gaining unique insights from case study reviews, benchmarking, and brainstorming sessions that can inform how they can build and improve their e-commerce loss prevention capability.

2)      Acquiring a clearer understanding of new innovations in technology, data analytics, tracking, etc can support the digital loss prevention team.

3)      Establishing new contacts with an effective and trusted network of loss prevention leaders.

Meeting Agenda

Wednesday October 18th    


From 11.30am: Arrivals & Coffee

12.00 Start: Introductions, Expectations & Agenda (includes light working lunch)

To set the scene, and start conversations early, each participant will be expected to share their top two most recent e-commerce loss prevention ‘successes’ together with their top two ambitions for the next 12 months.

1.00pm: E-commerce Research Update (Professor Adrian Beck)

Professor Beck will share key learnings from recent ECR research focused upon developing a better understanding of the types of losses associated with e-commerce retailing.

1.30pm: Coffee

2.00pm: E-commerce Fulfilment Centre Site Visit – Loss Prevention in Practice

In small groups, participants would tour a fulfilment centre, stopping at various points where the host retailer will describe the various ways loss prevention is integrated into each node of the process, including: protecting the business against payment fraud; receiving, picking, packing and despatch accuracy and control; goods tracking; returns management; and goods disposal.

3.30pm: Coffee

4.00pm: E-commerce Fulfilment Centre Site Visit – Key Learning Points

Delegates will have the opportunity to discuss the key learning points from the site visit.

4.45pm: E-commerce Loss Innovation Showcase – Speed Dating

Small groups of 3-4 retailers will each ‘speed date’ with representatives from ten of the hottest start-ups/innovators in e-commerce loss prevention.

6.00pm: Informal Networking Evening

A chance to relax, enjoying drinks and pizza with peers in an informal setting.

8.00pm: Close

Thursday October 19th

8.00am: Coffee and Light Breakfast

8.30am: Day One Review

Participants will have the opportunity to share their learnings from the first day.

9.00am: Evolution of Loss Prevention (Retailer Case Studies)

In this session, delegates will hear from a number of loss prevention leaders who will share how their team is building capabilities to support their business’ e-commerce programmes, including how they are helping to establish viable controls, anti-fraud measures and technologies, and their KPIs to evaluate their performance and outcomes.

10.00am: Coffee

10.45am: Brainstorm – Priority Setting

In small groups, loss prevention leaders will be asked to think about both their ‘offline’ and ‘online’ businesses, and brainstorm what they believe should be the top 2-3 loss prevention priorities for each, sharing back their findings with the rest of the group.

12.30pm: Reflections, Benefits, Concerns and Next Steps

Participants will be given the opportunity to reflect upon their original expectations for the meeting and their own ambitions for the management and control of e-commerce activities over the next 12 months, including how these may have changed in light of the topics covered and discussions held as part of the meeting.

1.00pm: Close [and light lunch for those that do not need to leave at 1pm]

Meeting Location

TBC. A list of low-cost hotels to be shared once venue selected.    


There will be no cost to participate and attend, other than the participants’ own travel and accommodation costs. 

Next Steps

If your business is interested in sending participants, please send confirmation to colin@ecrloss.com